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5v DC power supply flyback converter

This project is about a 5v DC power supply. The flyback converter is an isolated power converter that is used in both AC/DC and DC/DC applications. It is a buck-boost converter. In this example the input voltage is 220v AC and output is 5v DC. There is a simulation in Multisim. Download link:
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Up-counting 7-segment using Arduino

This project is about 1 digit 7-segment that is connected to Arduino. This 7-segment counts from 0 to 9 every 1 second The delay is optional and you can change it in the program. Firstly you have to define a string to show which pins of 7-segment will be on in every circle. It depends on whether your 7-segment is common cathode or common anode. For example if you want to write 7 in 7-segment you should turn on three (A,B,C) segments of it. turning on the segments does not mean you must connect it in 5v. It depend on your 7-segment whether it was CA or CC. Mine was CA so whenever I wanted to turn it on I connected that special segment to 0v or ground. Download link:

Single phase full-wave diode rectifiers

This project is about simulating how some full-wave rectifiers work. Single phase full-wave rectifier with resistive load: Single phase full-wave rectifier with R-L load: Single phase full-wave center-tapped transformer rectifier: Single phase full-wave rectifier capacitor filter: Download link:

Three phase diode rectifiers

This project is about simulating a three phase half-wave and full-wave rectifier with resistive load. Rectifiers are circuits that convert AC voltage to unregulated DC voltage. They are used (especially a full-wave rectifier, half-wave rectifier is not used due to its high ripple factor) as the first step in converting three phase or single phase rectifier to regulated DC voltage in some DC power supplies. There is a simulation in NI Multisim. Three phase half-wave rectifier: Three phase full-wave rectifier: Download link:

Traffic light by STM32F103C8T6

This project is about simulating a traffic light. There is a 1-digit common anode 7-segment which shows how long each signal is on. I connected three 220v signal lamp as its lights by a relay board which its relays work at 5v. Output voltage of stm32f103c8t6 is 3.3v so I used three transistors as switches to convert 3v output to 5v that is needed for relay board. Download link:

Single phase half-wave diode rectifiers

Half-wave rectifier with resistive load: Half-wave rectifier with R-L load: Half-wave rectifier with freewheeling diode: Half-wave rectifier with capacitor filter: Download link:                          

Star Delta Starter with Arduino Nano

This project about star delta connection for a three phase motor. I did'n have three phase induction motor so I used three signal lamp instead. In star delta connection first, star connection actives and then after a while delta connection will active. The time between star and delta connection depends on how powerful your motor is. In this project it is possible to change the time from 0 second to 100 seconds by potentiometer connected to A0. I used Arduino Nano instead of any industrial PLC. The outputs of the Arduino is connected to the relay board and then it is connected to contactors. Contactor is a devise that can connect three phase voltage to an induction motor. There is a video of how this circuit works. Download link: